The Adventures of Professor Larry ///

First day of class I have them all sign a sheet of paper that states:

+ this is followed by a few key points of being a responsible adult.
+ we review the statement & list
+ then they print name / sign signature / date document
+ they hand their sheet of paper back in and our semester together really begins

We went on field trips to curated boxes and spaces around town. We even had class while sipping coffee on a wet grassy lawn. We presented gifts and ideas -- some good, some bad. I would occasionally test their hearing with my harmonica play. I lectured about Breakfast being the most important meal of the day. I held a sermon reading the words of Michael Bierut {written in the late 80's} under the awning of an old movie theater.

We laughed, cried and learned.

The main objective was to show up and work.
Work on our process to create.
MORE important to work on the process to FAIL.


I left them with this last note:

You all worked through F to get your A : keep working / keep pushing / stay curious.

FAIL better
FAIL faster
FAIL with purpose
FAIL often

Enjoy the summer ///


learn more about my class / assignments / the journey on our class website.